What We Offer  


Turn key Projects for Food and Beverage Industry.


Sourcing of machinery

Setting up of Laboratory and Testing Facilities

Streamlining of Processes and Production facilities for Food and Beverage Industry.
Setting-up Systems for International Certification

What We Undertake  
New Projects for Food & Beverage Industries
  • Collation of Market Information
  • Product Strategy
  • Project Detailing
  • Setting up of Project
  • Training of Key Operators
  • Streamlining of Operations
Project Expansion:
  • Expansion of existing facilities
Project Diversification:
  • New Ventures
Process Improvement:
  • Increasing Productivity, Quality & Decreasing Costs
Increasing capacities:
  • Modernisation of Plant, Improving Process & Better utilisation of facilities.

Our Responsibilities  
  • Ensuring delivery of what we promise
  • Moving forward with Success Stories

Key Strengths  
  • Project ideas
  • Market information
  • Setting up of Project
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Certifications

How We Are Different  
We offer Total Consultancy Package and associate ourselves with clients from Concept to Manufacturing to Marketing to Profitability.

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