Sayog Consultants founded in 1996 are Consultants to Food and Beverage Industry.

The expertise is in Formulation, Processing, Packaging, Desiging Quality Standard and Setting Up Rapid Testing Programs.
Sayog Consultants has Two Divisions:
Project / Process Division
Quality Standard Division
Project Division undertakes:
  • Turn Key Formulation and Manufacturing Projects for Packaging of Food and Beverages.
  • Development and Setting up of Fruit Juice based Beverages and Carbonated Soft Drinks.
  • Packaging of Fruit Bars and Dehydrated Food Products.
  • Strategy for Manufacturing and Marketing of Processed Food and Beverage.
  • Turn Key Bottled Water Plant and Water Treatment Plant.
  • New Formulations for Beverages
Setting Up QC Laboratary for:
  • Training Lab personnel on testing record maintenance
  • Setting Up rapid testing and HACCP program for Food & Beverage industry
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