About Us  
Sayog Consultants was set up in 1996 to cater to the requirements of Entrepreneurs interested in Setting –up Beverage Bottling Units in India.
Some of the major projects have been
  • Setting up Bottled Water Plants,
  • Carbonated Drink Bottling Units,
  • Mango Juice in Returnable bottles,
  • Water Treatment Plants for Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Fruit Drinks in PET Bottles.
Over the years Sayog Consultants has grown from Strength to Strength
  • Undertaking Turn-Key Projects,
  • Developing New Formulations for Beverages and
  • Packaging Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry.
Sayog Consultants closely associates with its Clients, Manufacturers of Machines and Scientific community to evolve simple Innovative Solutions to resolve complex Technical and Manufacturing problems.
Dr. N. R. Rao, key member in the group has rich and varied experience in the field of Microbiology, Food Technology, Production and Consumer Marketing. With over 27 years of Industrial experience, projects are designed to ensure profits, success and viability.